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This 10-inch round aluminum wind spinner has been heat pressed with the design on both sides. Each side has the same design but is mirrored horizontally and symmetrically so both sides spin with the same outside details.

Package includes the 10-inch spinner with 360-degree swivel connector and hanging clip.

Please keep in mind that these items are handmade so slight variations in color or pattern may exist. Also please note that we do not own the design we are selling a finish product that has been created using the design.

This will look stunning in your garden, yard or hanging on your porch. We recommend that you spray your wind spinner with a UV Resistant spray when you receive it, and then annually (or more frequently in very sunny climates). This will help to ensure that they will stay bright & shiny for years.This beautiful wind spinner is a perfect gift for a gardener, or housewarming.

Black Girl Magic Wind Spinner

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